Special paint that can be sprayed directly on the plating !!!

No base treatment !! Can be blown directly onto the plating !!

Today, I would like to introduce you to the latest special paints … This paint is good news for motorcycles and cars, especially in the custom-specialized industry! And a breakthrough !! And that's … Nantes! It's a special paint for plating that can be applied directly to the surface of the plating without any base treatment such as footing !! Furthermore, a primer and a top coat are required. None! Only one coat is applied to form a very hard coating with a glossy feel. It has excellent functions in terms of durability, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance !! Have you ever had such a paint?

Currently, only two colors, black and clear, are available, but tonings other than black are also possible, so we will continue to increase the color variations from now on. We will create a dedicated page in the near future, so please look forward to it !!

[Addition]: After applying this paint and completely curing it, it is possible to perform the usual "surface-up work", so-called polishing work … Since the base is the surface of the plating itself. Finally, it is possible to make the construction surface completely mirrored !!

For example, blackening the plated parts … This is actually a difficult task

I want to make the plated parts black. .. .. This is a consultation from customers that are common in the custom industry on a daily basis, but normal urethane coating is not applied on the plating, and even if it is painted, the paint will adhere to the plated surface. Since it is not possible to do this, it is common for the paint to come off relatively early after painting. To avoid that, the plating must be completely removed once, but this is a daunting task and the cost is quite high. However, with this special paint, if you just wipe off the oil remaining on the plated surface, you can paint directly on the plated surface without any work such as attaching feet! Also, if you use a clear paint that is not colored, it will be the same as coating on the surface of the plating, so it will also play a role of protecting the surface from scratches while keeping the shine peculiar to plating. There is … Do you think it is a truly epoch-making paint !!

Furthermore, high hardness 8H !!

This paint is an acrylic-modified silicate-based inorganic / organic hybrid paint that has extremely high hardness (about 8H) after film formation, and has durability, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and stain resistance. It is possible to form a hard coat with excellent properties. In addition, it has excellent antifouling and chemical resistance, and exhibits a high degree of water and oil repellency. For example, oil and gasoline on the surface of this paint can be wiped off cleanly just by wiping it with a cloth … It is a very hard film, so it is very effective in preventing scratches on the plated surface. That's why !!

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