Export of GlossWell Type Anti-Viral from Japan

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GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral is a paint. Since paint is classified as a hazardous material internationally, the cost of exporting it from Japan by air or sea is very high, and it is very difficult for an individual to handle the payment of freight and customs clearance for importation.

In this page, we are announcing a special paint that contains a very effective anti-bacterial compound against COVID-19 : GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral to corporations, trading companies and government officials in your country. We are disclosing all the necessary evidence to prove the efficacy against COVID-19. All of this evidence has been tested and obtained by public institutions in Japan.

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral forms a very tough and special coating with anti-bacterial properties. The coating will adhere to the surface for a long time. If a similar special coating does not exist in your country, please inform any person or entity that can import GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral or any government official of the existence of this page!

Pathogenic Type : About Anti-Bacterial Special Paint

Pathogenic type anti-fungal paint : GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 : Type Anti-Viral is an inorganic (real glass) glass coating based on a special quaternary ammonium salt (approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its effectiveness against the new coronavirus) that inhibits or suppresses the growth of a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms such as pathogens (viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts). This is the latest special paint with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions, blended with special quaternary ammonium salts (certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to be effective against the new coronavirus).

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 : Type Anti-Viral is a paint that can be applied to existing products and equipment to provide an extremely long-lasting and tough anti-sterilization coating. It provides a stable, long-lasting anti-sterilization environment and a safe public health environment. The cured coating formed by GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 : Type Anti-Viral has excellent super water repellency, super mold release performance (repels oil), weather resistance for outdoor use, and chemical resistance to ethanol and other chemicals. In addition, its anti-bacterial properties are unaffected by the effects of ultraviolet rays outdoors or by changes in PH or temperature caused by changes in weather conditions. [ Made in Japan ].

Mechanism of GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral is a one-component special ceramic paint (called a binder) with a structure of special quaternary ammonium salts arranged in a strong adhesion to various materials.

GlossWell # 360 Type ANTI-VIRAL mechanism

GlossWell # 360 Type ANTI-VIRAL is a one-part special ceramic paint (called binder) that has strong adhesion to various equipment, and special compounds with antiviral / antibacterial functions derived from ammonium are arranged. It has a structure.

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral / Structure of LIGHT

▼ The following diagram illustrates the mechanism by which the special quaternary ammonium salts contained in GlossWell Type Anti-Viral inhibit the growth of viruses with envelope membranes (COVID-19 / influenza A viruses, etc.). Quaternary ammonium salts, which are also surfactants, exert their antiviral effects by denaturing the lipid bilayers and membrane proteins of the virus envelope.

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral : A mechanism used to inhibit and suppress the growth of viruses.

Advantages of being a coating material

For example, there are many products with antimicrobial function at the manufacturing stage, such as underwear, clothing, bedding, eyeglass frames, train leathers, cutting boards, shoes, etc. However, it is not easy to take antimicrobial measures against “things that are already there, things that exist, and things that cannot be moved. However, when it comes to antibacterial measures against “things that are already there, things that already exist, and things that cannot be moved,” it is not so easy. Although it is possible to “disinfect” such objects with ethanol, how many measures are available in the world to create an “antibacterial environment”?

The answer to this question was to develop a paint with anti-bacterial functions (anti-virus, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus). GlossWell #360 / 240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral is a special paint created based on this concept, which provides excellent anti-sterilization performance, super water repellency, and super release performance against oil components. In addition, the entire coating is based on naturally occurring inorganic glass, which provides excellent adhesion (siloxane bonding) to various substrates. After complete curing, the paint film is colorless and transparent. The coating is very smooth to the touch, and there is no sense of discomfort in appearance even if it is applied to existing objects. Of course, anyone can use this product.

About anti-bacterial environment

An antiseptic environment is an environment that inhibits or prevents the growth of pathogenic viruses and bacteria in a variety of environments. In the case of viruses, they can only multiply within the cells they infect, but it has been confirmed that some viruses can survive for a relatively long time in general environments. In particular, preparing an antibacterial environment in advance for objects that are touched by an unspecified number of people and places that are considered to be dangerous is extremely important for preventing contact infection under the current situation of the new coronavirus, which appears to be spreading. In addition, it will become an important social point in the social environment from the viewpoint of public health after this crisis is over.

Survival time of COVID-19 in the environment

◯ Airborne (when spread by coughing droplets): 3 hours
◯ Copper surface: 4 hours
◯ Cardboard surface: 24 hours
◯ Plastic surface: 2 to 3 days
◯ Stainless steel surface: 2 to 3 days

[ 3/20 AFP ] : A research team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the University of California, Los Angeles, and Princeton University published data in the New England Journal of Medicine.

■ Rotavirus, the causative agent of infant enteritis, can survive for more than 10 days in the general environment.
■ The AIDS virus can survive for several days on the surface of various substrates in the general environment.
■ Influenza viruses can survive for 8 to 48 hours in a general environment. etc.

Coating performance : GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750

※ Material: Bonded steel sheet / Film thickness: 6 to 8 µm / Curing conditions: 80°C x 30 minutes drying, then 5 days at room temperature
※ The above values are for reference only and are not standard values.

Precautions when painting

◯ Painting environment : Avoid using the product in an environment with poor ventilation.
◯ Pretreatment: Remove oil, water, and dirt from the surface of the material by solvent degreasing.
◯ Coating : Apply the coating as soon as possible. If left for a long time, it may cause clogging and uneven coating.
◯ Keep the film thickness within the specified range.
◯ Drying: Organic gases are generated during drying, so be sure to ventilate and exhaust thoroughly.
◯ Storage: Store the paint in a cool, dark place.
◯ This paint reacts with moisture in the air, so close the container tightly after use.
◯ Disposal: Follow the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for disposal of paint residue and waste liquid.
◯ Handling Precautions : Do not use in a place with fire as flammable organic solvents are used.
◯ Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes, especially eyes, as it is irritating.
◯ In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
◯ Other : For detailed information, please refer to the MSDS of the product.

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Our company offers numerous special paints made using cutting edge Japanese chemical technology. Each one of our paints excels at repelling water and oil and withstands submersion. Furthermore, they are also designed to be ultra bright, hard, UV resistant, and heat resistant as well as aesthetically superior. We can offer high added value along with unprecedented new ideas for final surface finishing on all kinds of base materials. We are currently recruiting overseas distributors to carry these superior Japan-made special paints. If you are interested, please contact us through our Contact Form.

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