Only 2 microns...

Only 2 microns...

Film thickness, only 2 microns
Retains incredible durability and functionality.
State-of-the-art paint is actually amazing. .. ..
This concept of "thin film", which can be said to be the true value of the hybrid coat. As for how thin it is, for example, the proper film thickness of a coating agent is only 2 microns … 1 micron is a unit of 1 mm divided by 1000 (1/1000 mm). This is a unit that you will never see in normal life. However, the hybrid coat shows its true value only when it is such an extremely thin film, and it shows amazing durability and high functionality … Anyway, the world of cutting-edge paints Actually, it's really amazing.

#039 GlossWell PRO : New Function Coat

Interpolymer chemical bonds with
Siloxane bonding as the main skeleton.
This is GlossWell’s secret.
With the same sensation of applying a wax coating,
create the ultimate glass coat.

By utilizing the extremely high intermolecular energy of siloxane bonds, the highly pure Hybrid Coat: GlossWell, which contains over 90% inorganic matter (in this case, glass itself), forms strong chemical bonds with the target molecules on a base surface, and as a result, leads to the complete unification of the glass found in the coating agent and the surface to which it is applied. Further, in addition to remaining chemically stable for long periods of time, siloxane bonds do not break at temperatures even as high as 200°C. It is this intermolecular bond strength, something one may say is GlossWell’s greatest feature, that creates a large distinction between itself and conventional glass coats, polymers and types of waxes, all of which simply stick to the base surface. This distinction has earned GlossWell the title of a state-of-the-art hybrid glass coat. With the authentic feeling of a coating agent, you can apply GlossWell yourself by hand, and enjoy creating the ultimate glass coat with the same sensation as applying a coating of wax.

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