GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral

The strongest anti-bacterial function
Spray type GlossWell #750 / LIGHT.
Create a safe anti-bacterial environment with just one push!

Export of GlossWell Type Anti-Viral from Japan

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GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral is a paint. Since paint is classified as a hazardous material internationally, the cost of exporting it from Japan by air or sea is very high, and it is very difficult for an individual to handle the payment of freight and customs clearance for importation.

In this page, we are announcing a special paint that contains a very effective anti-bacterial compound against COVID-19 : GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral to corporations, trading companies and government officials in your country. We are disclosing all the necessary evidence to prove the efficacy against COVID-19. All of this evidence has been tested and obtained by public institutions in Japan.

GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral forms a very tough and special coating with anti-bacterial properties. The coating will adhere to the surface for a long time. If a similar special coating does not exist in your country, please inform any person or entity that can import GlossWell #360 / #240 / #750 Type Anti-Viral or any government official of the existence of this page!

GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT

GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT is a special quaternary ammonium salt (certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to be effective against the new corona virus) that inhibits or suppresses the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi. ), which inhibits or suppresses the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi, and has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. [ Made in Japan ]

Strongest anti-bacterial function

As a result, the special quaternary ammonium salts, which are anti-bacterial compounds, are arranged directly on the paint film, resulting in a very strong anti-bacterial function. The anti-bacterial function is the strongest of the three.

Due to its strong anti-bacterial properties, it is strictly forbidden to apply it to children’s toys, dishes, or other objects that can be directly touched.

Easy installation for spray system

The spray method makes it very easy and light to apply. Fast curing and drying speed enables easy application. In addition, the alcohol-based coating film design provides excellent environmental performance. This product can be used in homes, offices, stores, and other places where it is easy to provide an anti-bacterial environment for objects that come into contact with it in daily life.

Use tissue paper, kitchen paper, toilet paper, or rags to wipe off the paint.

The coating lasts for about 3 months.

The duration of the coating is about 3 months. It forms a strong anti-bacterial coating film that is basically maintenance-free. For daily maintenance, it can be wiped with water or disinfectant station such as alcohol.

The duration of the coating depends on the frequency of use.

Can be applied to carpets and curtains.

The main component of the solvent is more than 90% alcohol, and there are very few resin components to form a coating film, resulting in the formation of a very flexible coating film. The result is a very flexible coating film that can be applied to carpets, curtains, and fabrics without disturbing their texture.


Special quaternary ammonium salts, which are anti-bacterial compounds, are arranged in many places on the coating film to provide a strong anti-bacterial function. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to apply this product to toys, dishes, and other objects that can be directly touched by infants and children.

Do not apply to infants, children’s toys, tableware, or anything that can be directly touched.

Special quaternary ammonium salt is used as an anti-bacterial ingredient

The special anti-bacterial compounds in GlossWell #240 Type Anti-Viral / FLOOR are special quaternary ammonium salts based on existing quaternary ammonium salts (benzalkonium chloride / benzethonium chloride / dialkyldimethylammonium chloride).

Inactivate COVID-19

METI of Japan announced
On May 29, 2020, the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) simultaneously announced that quaternary ammonium salts: benzalkonium chloride (already approved) and benzethonium chloride / dialkyldimethylammonium chloride (both added on May 28, 2020) have been added as surfactants effective against a new type of coronavirus. benzethonium chloride/dialkyldimethylammonium chloride (additionally approved on May 28, 2020).

Quaternary ammonium salt shown to be effective against COVID-19
◯ Benzalkonium Chloride
◯ Benzethonium Chloride
◯ Dialkyldimethylammonium chloride

Features of GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT

Powerful anti-bacterial function
・The strongest anti-bacterial function among the three GlossWell products: #360 / #240 / #750.

Uses antimicrobial compounds effective against COVUD-19.
・2020.5/29 : Certified by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
・Special quaternary ammonium salt is used.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
・Please refer to the list of various test data.
・Reduces microbial populations in the environment within tens of seconds to minutes.

It is an alcohol-based solution with excellent environmental friendliness.
・Low odor type coating agent with very little irritating odor.
・One-component type, quick curing and drying, easy to apply.
・Excellent quick-drying performance / Finger-drying time: Approx. 30 minutes (at 20°C).
・An anti-bacterial coating is formed by simply wiping with kitchen paper or tissue.
・Can be applied with a rag.

Excellent super water/oil/ chemical repellency.
・After the coating film is completely cured, it has excellent super water repellency, oil repellency and chemical resistance.
・Oily stains can be easily removed by wiping with a waste cloth.
・t is possible to take further measures to prevent infection by disinfecting the applied surface with alcohol.

The coating lasts for about 3 months.
・When applied to various metal surfaces, glass, plastic, resin, acrylic, clothing, cloth, carpets, wood, concrete, wallpaper, and old coatings, the coating lasts about three months.

Construction method

Surface preparation
・Remove dirt, oil, and moisture from the surface to be applied.

Application method
・Spray directly on the surface to be treated.
・Wipe off with tissue, kitchen paper or toilet paper.
・Wipe off with tissue, kitchen paper or toilet paper.
・Wipe up until all unevenness is gone.

Precautions after application
・Finger drying time: about 30 minutes (at 20°C).
・Leave the coating at room temperature to prevent moisture from adhering to the surface: Allow 12 hours for the coating to fully cure.
・f water droplets are left on the surface, they will leave traces.

Substrates that can be coated

It can be applied to various metal surfaces, glass, plastic, resin, acrylic, clothing, cloth, carpets, wood, concrete, wallpaper, old paint film, etc.

◯ For the above substrates, it will last about 3 months.
◯ For other substrates, re-coating should be done frequently (poor adhesion may occur).

GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT mechanism

GlossWell # 750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT is a one-part special ceramic paint (called binder) that has strong adhesion to various equipment, and special compounds with antiviral / antibacterial functions derived from ammonium are arranged. It has a structure.

GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / Structure of LIGHT

The following diagram illustrates the mechanism by which the special quaternary ammonium salts contained in GlossWell Type Anti-Viral inhibit the growth of viruses with envelope membranes (COVID-19 / influenza A viruses, etc.). Quaternary ammonium salts, which are also surfactants, exert their antiviral effects by denaturing the lipid bilayers and membrane proteins of the virus envelope.

GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral : A mechanism used to inhibit and suppress the growth of viruses.

Coating performance of GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral / LIGHT

※ Material: SUS304 / Film thickness: 1μm / Curing condition: Tested after leaving for more than 3 days at room temperature.
※ Antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral tests were conducted on polycarbonate plates.
[ Source ] : GlossWell #750 Type Anti-Viral special paint development laboratory..