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What about BL Sparkle Coat…

Excellent water and oil resistance
“BL Sparkle Coat” is the latest inorganic-organic hybrid compound. Extracted nano silica and modify acrylic resin. Even if the substrate is chrome plated surface as like a mirror but excellent coating adhesion. “BL Sparkle Coat” has efficience to huge range of adhesion pf performance for various materials. Chrome plated or deposition plated, glass, metal etc… and these are excellent film that is various function.
◆High Hardness : 8H 
◆High perform water and oil resistance 
◆Has excellence resistance durability, weather, chemical, contamination  

Only One step process:  Drying in the normal temperature

Coating method of “BL Sparkle Coat” is extremely simple. As for work, it could be  completed by 1 material and one process. You don’t need any arrangements : example a sanding or etching process etc.  It could be possible to spray directly to the surface of plating and glass. More in addition,  It has the benefit of being costless start with “BL Sparkle Coat” you have to  prepare only your Compressor & Spray gun just it!

1 1step process
As plate or glass with the mirror-finished surface without any sanding. 
◆Formulation / Main : Hardner F=10:1
◆Thinner duration %: for Main/ 60-100%
◆Must control colour shade depend on the thinner duration ration
◆Completely degrease for the surface before process 
◆Standard film: 5-10μm
◆Recommendation: Thin layer as much as you can ( 3-4 round or so)
◆May cracks after dry causing too thick

2 Can be installed only with normal painting equipment
Process with Compressor and Spray gun just.
◆Your work place is the best.

3 Forced Air dry
 ◆I suggest you forced air dry 80℃ x 30min. (Dry to the touch)

4 Dry at the Normal Temperature: ( Ex. Drying condition: 20℃)
◆Touch dry: 20-30 min. 
◆Curing dry :24hours  
◆Full cure : 5days   
◆Standard film: 5-10μm

Workable material

Chrome plated, Surface of deposition  plated, glass, various metal, various plastics, PET, acrylic, Urethan coated (directly workable  to the surfacer), powder coated, anodic oxide coated, various woods material, various stone etc.


“BL Sparkle Coat 500ml kit and “BL Sparkle Coat 1000ml kit: Both Included 3 bottles are.
◆Main material / Thinner / Hardner F
These products are specialised to “BL Sparkle Coat” 

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